Rick Henson

Professional Musician

The Drum Club combines private lessons with unique 
clinic, workshop and group experiences.

  • Weekly Lessons
  • Regular clinics and workshops
  • Great value with simple pricing
  • Meet other drummers and musicians

For a flat monthly fee of $105 you'll receive weekly, 30-minute lessons. That's just the beginning, we also have 1-2 clinics or workshops every month that are included in your membership.

It's the best of both worlds.  Learn from Rick in your weekly lessons while trying new instruments and meeting friends in the group sessions.

Rick offers 1-2 clinics every month and they are free for Drum Club members but cost about $15-20 for non-members, depending on the event.

The clinics will cover drum set topics like:

  • Drum Tuning
  • Setting Up Your Drums
  • 4-way Coordination
  • Playing Odd Time Signatures
  • Audition Techniques
  • Latin/World Styles
  • Soloing and Improvisation

The clinic might include bringing a professional bass player into the studio so everyone can get some jamming experience.  The point of all these extra events to expose my students to a wide variety of instruments and styles of music to make them better musicians.

The Drum Club is way more than just drum set.  We'll also explore these cool percussion instruments:

  • Hand Percussion (congas, bongos, etc)
  • Snare drum
  • Rudimental drumming
  • Marimba
  • Vibes
  • Steel Drums
  • Hang Drum
  • Jumbie Jams

We usually don't have time to cover these things in private lessons but the extra clinics and workshops are a perfect opportunity to give them a try.

If you come to 3 lesson per month and several clinics you'll be getting a great deal. When you come to more lessons it's like getting them for free.  In fact, The Drum Club membership allows for up to 44 lessons per year all for one monthly fee.

My current openings in Aurora are on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I have a waiting list for my Parker location.  You can join it by sending me an email.

Schedule for The Drum Club events in 2017 

November 18, 5:00.  Allegro Music in Parker.  Changing (and upgrading) Your Drum Heads. We'll go step by step to show you how to change your drum heads and how to choose the right heads for your drums.

November ?, 7:00.  Aurora Studio.  Intro to Steel Pans.
You've certainly heard the amazing sound of steel pans. Here is your chance to play them! In one hour you'll get a quick intro then learn how to play a song.

Amazing Value

Not just Lessons...The Drum Club